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A Step-by-Step Application Process for Cash Advance Loans

If you are dealing with serious financial trouble or if you are in need of emergency funding, cash advance loans can deliver the money that you need on time, every time. Cash advance or payday loans are small, short-term solutions that can help you … [Read more]

Five Best Personal Finance Tools

On Tuesday we asked you to share your favorite personal finance tools , and today we're back with the five most popular answers. Hit the jump for a look at the five best personal finance applications, then cast your vote for your favorite app of the … [Read more]

Personal Finance Seems Easy. It’s Not.

Some states and districts require some personal finance education. Most dont. Quite often, people are walking out of high schools and colleges without the first clue about how to handle the money theyll be earning. They learn via trial by fire. … [Read more]

Personal Finance, Year-end Tax Preparation (iii) Feature Package

All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2013 -- /PRNewswire/ -- The following feature package is a roundup of feature stories dealing with Personal Finance, Year-End Tax … [Read more]

Personal Finance: Kids Vs. No Kids

If he wanted to, he could also focus heavily on retirement and extract himself from the work force at a very early age. RECOMMENDED: Monitor Frontier Markets Free Trial. Intelligent analysis on events in frontier/emerging countries. He has a smaller … [Read more]

Cia Creating Vast Database Of American’s Personal Financial Records: Report

Social Security numbers, which can be used to tie the financial activity to a specific person. According to the Journal, the program is carried out under the same provision of the Patriot Act that enables the National Security Agency to collect … [Read more]

India Finance Minister Pledges To Meet Deficit Goals After Tough Week In Markets

stimulus raised concern about the impact on a country that depends on foreign investments to bridge a current account deficit that hit a record high last fiscal year. The fall in the currency comes as the ruling Congress Party, hit by corruption … [Read more]

Over 1,000 Days Out, Pro-clinton Group Holds First Finance Strategy Session

Jennifer Granholm was scheduled to lead a discussion titled "Why I am Ready for Hillary." The event also brought out two former Obama loyalists who are now supporting the Hillary group. Mitch Stewart, a former top aide to President Barack Obama's … [Read more]

Why We Want—but Can’t Have—personal Finance In Schools

The reasons for this disconnect are varied: Only one in five teachers feels qualified to lead a personal finance class, according to a University of Wisconsin study. So we dont have enough instructors. Personal finance concepts are not part of … [Read more]

Weil On Finance: Stealing From The Rich

Have a great weekend. Steven Cohen to stay on Robin Hood board The Robin Hood Foundation told Bloomberg News today that Cohen will remain on its board. Steve is a valued and thoughtful member of Robin Hoods board, and his leadership and generosity … [Read more]

Personal Finance Is More Personal Than It Is Finance

OK, so you already knew that financial advisors arent perfect, but they (we) may still need to come to grips with that. Its not as easy as it sounds.You see, anyone trained to be an advisor in the financial services industry properrepresented by The … [Read more]

Implications of Late Payment

In the event that a borrower is unable to make his or her loan payment by the agreed-upon repayment date, there are several courses of action that lenders may take. The lender’s website will provide this information, so borrowers should be sure to review it before providing an e-signature on any loan contract.

Disclosure of fees including the APR

A loan’s APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is the amount of interest that would be charged on the borrowed amount over the course of a year. The APR for most short-term cash loans is between 260.71% and 1825%, but since these loans are designed to be repaid quickly, the overall cost is competitive with other types of consumer credit. In fact, these charges are less than overdraft fees or the charges associated with credit card loans in most cases. Examples of APRs